I have this memory of filling out almost an entire page of addresses, only three spaces left. One full and one almost full page of address labels. But when I select the file, when I open the file I saved with those pages, that is not what I find: instead, there is one full page, and one almost half-filled page. The worst part is that I have double, and triple, checked the addresses I remember adding, all the ones I want to be on there. They are on there, each one. The question is then do I have a faulty memory? Or have I made memories up— (are memories anything more than made up things?) The choices I have given myself are forgetful or in a mental breakdown? Clearly, I am the problem here. I am the problem and the solution… and cue what Mark Manson called “the Feedback Loop from Hell”...

    No. Stop there. I am not delusional. I am forgetful. Including a few (intentionally) duplicated addresses, there are 80. I was not planning on mailing out 120 Christmas cards, I bought only 40 stamps. I am forgetful. I had a faulty memory. I am not “going crazy”. Just a corrupted memory file. Not crazy. Not crazy.


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