Monday, January 27, 2014


I moved to Virginia because it felt like home.

My visit to Virginia in October 2012, everything I encountered in Virginia was better. The history, the scenery, heck, even the gas stations were superior. The unofficial state slogan "Virginia is for Lovers" rang my chimes to the extent that I bought a sweatshirt that says so. For four months after I returned to my home state, I trudged through the days waiting until I went back. I felt like I was in two pieces, my body in Colorado, my heart in Virginia. February 2013 I made my move, 1700 miles from point A to point B.

Once in Virginia it didn't take forever to realize that Colorado had a few points on Virginia in some columns. I had better coffee in Colorado but in Virginia my coffee is made daily with love and I don't have to take a single step out my front door to get it. Would I move back to Colorado for the coffee? No. (They invented mail order years ago.)

Five months after uprooting and going to Virginia without looking back, I made an unscheduled return visit to Colorado. It was surreal being surrounded by a landscape that I had 27 years of familiarity with and have no sensation of having gone home. I felt no doubt that I had made the right decision in moving.

I knew when I moved that geography wasn't what made Virginia home. No, what makes Virginia home is the people here.

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